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What is Intuitive Energy Healing?

Intuitive Energy Healing addresses the energy held in the body, mind, soul, and universe that may contribute to a physical, emotional, mental, or energetic symptom.  Energy healing is the process of shifting from one state of consciousness to another state of consciousness.  For example, from tired to energized or sad to uplifted. 

The cellular structure in the human body is made of energy. That energy is influenced by the energetic experience in the environment or in other areas of the body. It’s also influenced by the anatomy of the soul, which includes chakras, meridians, and the aura around the body.

Intuitive Energy healing is the process of identifying the root imprints or blocked energy in the energetic anatomy that may be contributing to a symptom and transforming the energy through various techniques.  Techniques can include deep breathing, guided meditation,  reiki, and/or tuning into the body and increasing awareness around a sensation or pain in the body.

An intuitive energy healer utilizes their gift of intuition and higher consciousness to tune into a client’s energetic system to help identify root causes, energetic imprints, blocks, or awarenesses that may need attention or to be cleared. The healer will then guide the individual through clearing the energy held in the body.  

Many people seek intuitive energy healing when they are ready to look beneath their mind and access the information their soul, body, or energetic system is carrying and bring to the surface to let go. When this energy is released, a person often feels clear, lighter, inspired, uplifted, supported, and more connected to their true self. 

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Here is what to look for when seeking an Intuitive Energy Healer:

  • Look for healers that are trained through reputable schools or modalities. If the “style” of training does not match your ethics, the healer may not be a good fit for you. 
  • Make sure the healer offers an initial consultation to make sure that their way of working resonates with you. 
  • Do they have any written material or a video that explains what they offer or who they serve?
  • Ask the healer what to expect in a healing session.
  • Ensure the healer is grounded, ethical, and relatable. Notice how you feel in your body when you are connecting with the healer. 
  • Be sure to sign an intake form prior to a healing session, which indicates that the healer is working within confidentiality policies and ethics.  This may not always apply in countries outside the US. 
  • Finally, trust your own gut on who you are drawn to and who feels right to work with

All healers at the School of Intuitive Studies have trained with intuitive healer and teacher Wendy De Rosa at an advanced level. Some are faculty at the school, and many have been assistants for our training programs. If you are interested in experiencing intuitive energy healing, Visit our SIS healer page to learn more about our certified healers. 

When reviewing the profiles of healers below, allow your intuition to guide you because one healer may have a particular skill set or modality that meets exactly what you need. Our healers are skilled and wonderful human beings who are passionate about supporting others on their healing journey.