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What is Prana and Why Do You Need It?

Prana is a Sanskrit word for life-force energy. Prana is the vibrancy and potent energy of the natural world. It’s in our food, the sunrise, nature, and the nectar of life.

It brings our spirit in alignment with our bodies and the natural world.

An organically-grown apple on a local orchard, for example, will have more prana (life force energy) than a conventionally grown apple that has lost it’s potency traveling from plane to truck to store.

Another way to describe prana is that it is the soulfood experiences that bring us upliftment, awareness, awakenings, inspiration and pleasant feelings.

Why am I telling you this? Because prana is also what our heart seeks for fulfillment every day. In fact, fatigue, depression, emptiness and longing can happen when we don’t have prana-filled experiences in life.

Here is an explanation of a very simple example of a prana-filled experience.

Let’s say you are going to a seminar in a conference room with no windows, and fluorescent lights. In the room you start yawning, getting fatigued very quickly, and loosing focus. Perhaps the information is interesting, but there isn’t a feeling of “life” or vibrancy to keep you engaged. In this case, the space is not a prana-filled space.

Take that same lecture and place it in a beautifully decorated and intention-filled room with plants and sunlight that evokes a feeling of inspiration. Most likely you will feel energized, perhaps inspired, or engaged and fulfilled. The speaker may even be presenting with more inspiration because he/she feels pranafied by the energy in the room.

Our hearts seek prana-filled experiences to learn, to be inspired, to think more clearly, to get grounded, to feel a part of the world. We need to breathe prana and prana-filled experiences into life daily as a part of well-being.

So, what is a prana-filled experience? It’s whatever you heart is calling you to do. It could be:

  • A walk during sunrise or sunset or when the day feels vibrant
  • Eating clean, healthy and nutrient dense food
  • Connecting or reconnecting with friends for fun and laughter
  • Meditating with the moonlight
  • Swimming in the ocean
  • Sitting on a porch swing on a warm day or relaxing in a hammock
  • Gardening, being with Mother Nature
  • Hiking and connecting with the elements.
  • Going on a retreat or immersing in the sacred
  • Playing soulful music in your home
  • Praying/giving thanks over your meals
  • Setting intentions before your tasks
  • Dancing
  • A vacation

These are just some examples. Here’s a personal example: Just this morning I opted to meditate gazing at the horizon as the sun rose (and before my daughter did). Then, I went for a walk in the hills by my house and my lungs filled with the sweet scent in the air of the earth after rain fell last night. I couldn’t go for long because I have parenting responsibilities in the morning, but it was enough to came home feeling pranafied, clear and uplifted, which was a great way to start my day.

My point is this:

You can be in your head easily about how to live life OR you can give yourself prana-filled experiences regularly to nourish your mind heart and soul’s need to stay sustained, inspired and outspoken.

What prana-filled experiences is your heart calling you to? Especially when you are tired, scattered, overwhelmed or just trying to manage a lot in life? Here’s an easy way to figure out how to find out: Tune into your heart and ask what it needs to feel nourished. That’s it!

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