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What is Releasing after Energy Healing?

If you have participated in one of Wendy De Rosa’s Divine Guidance Healings or are thinking about it, here is some helpful information about the release process that can happen after you move energy. 

Releasing is a process that can occur whenever there is a physical, emotional, or energetic shift within your body. You’ve likely experienced releasing through various means, such as expressing emotion, laughter, dancing, singing, and breathing. However, sometimes nausea, vomiting, and waves of anxiety can be signs that energy is moving. Understanding this aspect is crucial, especially when you are going through a release. So, let’s explore it further.

Energy healing dives into the underlying layers of an issue or physical symptom. Unprocessed emotions can create blocks, imprints, and patterns within your energetic system and can even migrate into the cells of your body.

Once energy is cleared and healing takes place, your body can respond to this transformation on a cellular level. Occasionally, the body may need to release residual energy as a way of fully integrating the healing.  The results can leave you feeling lighter, relaxed, clear, and centered. 

Releasing can occur at any point in the days following a healing session. As energy shifts within your body, it may stir up additional layers or bring forth stored memories. Emotions, intricately woven into our cellular makeup and tissues, can be released as energy shifts. It’s entirely natural to experience a positive healing session and then, days later, encounter strong emotions, fatigue or feeling sick. This is where the release process plays a crucial role. Allowing the waves of emotions to surface, serves as a means of unburdening and freeing them from stored spaces within your energy system.

In essence, the release process is an essential part of the healing journey. It encourages the unfurling of emotions, ensuring that they are not held captive in the recesses of your being. So, embrace the natural ebb and flow and let the waves of emotions arise, ushering in a deeper sense of healing and understanding.

Suggestions to Support You Through a Release Process


Your breath carries vital life-force energy into your body. Emotions can take approximately 90 seconds to process, so allowing them to rise and fall, akin to the crest of a wave, can aid in their natural decrescendo and release. Deep breathing, especially after healing work, facilitates the settling and processing of energy in both your spirit and body. Pay attention to your breath—ensure it’s not shallow or held. Invite fuller, deeper breaths to release pent-up energy and connect with your consciousness.

Emotions that May Arise

Acknowledge the spectrum of emotions that may surface during a release: Anger, Sadness, Grief, Jealousy, Doubt, Hate, Frustration, Resentment, Control, Self-defeating Thoughts, Negative Thinking, Self-consciousness, and even peculiar bodily sensations. Conversely, anticipate positive emotions such as Peace, Happiness, Joy, Love, Expansiveness, Connectedness, Openness, Power, and Inspiration.

How to Release

Recognize the uniqueness of your release process. Honor your intuition and be gentle with yourself. Embrace the signs of emotions, fatigue, and heaviness as indicators that you are feeling something. Here are suggestions to guide you through the emotions of a release:

  • Set an intention for letting go of the energy or meeting the need. Take deep breaths into the feeling, giving it space to be felt.  As you continue to feed it breath, notice if the feeling dissipates. Once complete, is there a new belief or feeling you can create to fill that space instead? Use your breath to fill that space with a positive, affirming intention. 
  • Engage with nature; it has a remarkable ability to integrate and release. A walk in the hills or on the beach can shift perspective, thoughts, and overall well-being.
  • Move your body through activities like walking, yoga, dancing, Qi Gong, or another preferred method of movement.
  • Express emotions physically, such as through deep breathing, hitting a punching bag, or throwing rocks into saltwater to purify the emotion.
  • Connect with supportive friends or explore creative outlets like music, dance, singing, painting, or sculpture.
  • Consider alternative therapies like acupuncture or massage to move energy
  • Utilize your grounding cord to aid in the release process.
  • Embrace holistic approaches, including baths with sea salt, herbs, or oils, flower essences, herbs, a healthy diet, prayer, intention, manifesting, and cooking/baking.
  • Reflect on your experience during our time together and journal to support your integration. Write down any emotions, thoughts, or sensations that surfaced.  This can help you gain clarity and insight into your healing journey.
  • Get more rest, sleep, and relaxation time.
  • Stay hydrated and flush the energy through your body!

Emotional Triggers

Be mindful of mental patterns that may signal unexpressed emotions or addictions. Recognize negative thinking, self-defeating thoughts, and controlling thoughts as potential triggers. Redirect your focus towards addressing the underlying emotions rather than the triggers themselves.

Recognize Your Release

Acknowledge that you are undergoing a release and be compassionate with yourself. Disregard any inner critic that may judge the emotions surfacing, understanding that these stored feelings are surfacing for a reason. Breathe through them and choose a releasing exercise that resonates with you intuitively.

Remember, healing is a gradual process; practice patience and allow yourself the time and tools needed to navigate the beautiful journey of releasing and renewal.   The after-effects of an intuitive healing session can vary from person to person. Trust your own intuition and feelings about what you need most after the session. It’s essential to create a nurturing and supportive environment for yourself to maximize the benefits of the healing experience and continue your personal growth and self-care journey.

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