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What Spirit wants us to know

Do you know you are loved? Do you know you are not alone? Do you know you have, and will always have everything you will ever need?

Ego says:

“There is no love for me”

“I am alone”

“I am worried that…, and afraid that…”

And when you quiet the mental noise that the Ego loves so much (which could take 10, 20, or 30 minutes of breathing) you just may hear the whisper of Divine Spirit.

Spirit says:

“Be still”

“You are love”

“Everything is ok”

Divine Spirit speaks through your heart in whispers. Sometimes, that’s in the form of Angels and Spirit Guides and sometimes it’s in the form of your higher knowing.

And you know what? It’s all the same.

It is the Divine at work within you and around you. Spirit knows what you need, and that knowing is within you.

To get connected to that inner knowing or intuition, try this exercise:

Ask yourself the question: What does Spirit want me to know?

Then listen to the answer…

It could be a very simple response such as “Let that go”, or it could be a download of information that needs to be written down.

Either way, you are moving the Ego out of the way so Spirit can come through and guide you.

If getting an answer still feels hard, I invite you to create sacred space and time in your life to get quiet, deep and connect. If that still feels hard, energy may need to be cleared.

Here is a Guided Healing to help you clear energy, center and connect to your Divine Self.

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Wishing peace and space for being.

With Love,