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What’s the negative spin about?

Do you find that when you feel an emotion you immediately attach negativity to that feeling?  For example, “I feel sad, there must be something wrong with me.”

I have certainly done this without even realizing there is another option, which has everything to do with creativity.

Let’s take nervous, anxious or anxiety feelings for an example.

I want you to ask your body this question:

Is anxiety or nervousness happening because my mind says there is something to be anxious about?


Is my spirit restless because it wants to feel seen, heard, and tended to, AND it has something to express in the world?

In the energetic body, unsettled feelings and nervous energy can precede creative surges or can result from suppressed creativity.


The negative spin is, “There’s something is wrong with me if I’m anxious.”  The positive spin is, “What wants to come through me at this moment?”

I am not discounting clinical reasons for anxiety.  Yet, your spirit, body and intuition know when something wants to birth or bust through, and the mind does block the creative process.

If this resonates for you, ask yourself: What wants to come through me?  What wants to be expressed?

Asking yourself these questions and creating an outlet for your expression, can help free and clear old energy blocks, simply by giving attention to the flow that wants to come through you, rather than the nervous energy.

Creative energy isn’t always artistic either.  Sometimes, it’s an expression of emotion in any way that the emotion needs to be released.

So what’s the rumble in you that is budding with impulse, connection to your truth and expression of your heart’s energy in the world?

Maybe give that an outlet and see if that helps any sour feelings inside.

With love,