You are currently viewing What’s New at the School of Intuitive Studies in 2023…and beyond!

What’s New at the School of Intuitive Studies in 2023…and beyond!

Are you looking to develop your intuition in a grounded and nurturing way?

Are you ready to connect more deeply with your soul and clear blocks to your Soul’s purpose in this life?

Are you looking for a community you can call home to let go of energy that is no longer serving you?

We have so many wonderful opportunities for you in 2023 here at the School of Intuitive Studies. If you’re considering taking the next step in your healing journey and feel ready to follow your calling to develop your intuition, connect more deeply to your soul’s mission and actualize who you are here to be, we’d  love to share with you a sneak peek of all the exciting things we have coming up for SIS in 2023.

We have two main paths available for you to receive healing and training with Wendy De Rosa:

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One path to go deeper is for healing, and it starts with the School of Intuitive Studies Membership. 

As a member of the SIS community, this is your opportunity to receive guided healings from Wendy.  Each month, she facilitates a powerful transmission of healing through Spirit Guides and Angels each month. 

As a Member, you will be able to connect with Wendy, ask questions, and receive an annual array of workshops, healings, practices, live connections, friendships…and guest speakers in 2023!.

Here is what’s included: 

  • 90-minute Divine Guidance Healing with Wendy: Receive a guided healing to help you clear blocked energy, deepen your grounding, and open to your intuitive guidance.
  • 60-minute Community Integration Session with LIVE Q&A: Join Wendy live to ask your most pressing questions and receive support to integrate the healing you receive that month into your daily life.
  • 20-Min Breakout Sessions: with members after the Community Integration Session.
  • Two half-day online retreats each year with Wendy– one in December and one in June
  • Faculty workshops– Workshops offered by School of Intuitive Studies Faculty
  • Special Guest Faculty Members offing expert training for your personal healing
  • Monthly deepening practices Receive a guided practice from Wendy to support your healing process throughout the month.
  • Exclusive Online Healing Community: Access the support of a heart-aligned, safe, intimate circle with a shared desire for healing and spiritual growth.
  • Member-only Events: Access exclusive member-only events with guest teachers, extra healing sessions, and advance registration for special events. 
  • Member-only Content: Receive monthly content and guided meditations curated to support your healing focus for the month. Includes spiritual practices, energy healing teachings, meditations, and other tools.
  • Member-only Discounts: As a Divine Healing Inner Circle Member, you’ll receive exclusive discounts on select School of Intuitive Studies online events.

The guided healings with Wendy are your monthly reset – where you will release years of blocked energy and refresh your soul by tapping into the Divine love available through your spirit guides and angels.

A few of the Divine Guidance Healing Topics include:

  • Finding peace under stress and anxiety
  • Honoring your calling as you begin to change
  • Embracing your okay-ness 
  • Transforming your relationship 
  • Self-forgiveness and making peace with your inner teenager
  • Engaging in healthy emotional expression
  • Slowing the body’s tempo for healing 

And…We have special Guests in 2023!!

Yes, there are MORE offerings included in the 2023 SIS Membership, and we are so excited to share what some of those are:

In April, we have a “Applied Polyvagal Theory in Therapeutic Yoga for Trauma: Psychosensory Tools for Spiritual Evolution” workshop with Arielle Schwartz. This is powerful! Here is where you will explore how to invite a sense of safety in your body and how to bring self-compassion and acceptance to the wounds from the past.

In June, we have a Special Workshop with Wendy, “Happiness as a Path to Empowerment and Clear Energetic Boundaries”. This is where you take the feeling of good a step further – happiness and joy to expand your light, awaken your soul, increase your immune system, and protect your inner energy. 

In October, we have a “Recovering You: Reconnecting with Yourself and Your Inner Power” workshop with Steven Washington. This is where you will say goodbye to unhealthy attachments and addictions to reconnect to your true self by healing the mind/body connection within.

Learn More and Become a SIS Member now!

Intuitive Healer Training Program is the second path!

The calling that a healer will feel is Divinely led and soulfully felt. You are not odd, weird, or out there.  You are a human being awakening to the gifts within you that society did not know how to nurture all those years ago. 

If you are called to become an intuitive energy healer or have the desire to know more about your intuition and would like to take a deeper journey, The Intuitive Healer Training Program is exactly what you may be looking for…whether you are looking to heal yourself or be an intuitive energy healer for others. 

In this extraordinary training program, you will: 

  • Learn to access the full range of your intuitive gifts, which will allow you to heal deeply and move through the world, feeling grounded and empowered.
  • Discover how to detoxify and clear energetic and emotional imprints from the subtle body and reset your entire energy body from within the Intuitive Healer Training Program
  • Experience the four aspects of your intuition that are most “natural” to you so you can become empowered as an empath, intuitive, and healer
  • Set and maintain energetic boundaries free from compromise, guilt, or remorse
  • Recognize how your powers of intuition correspond to your chakras — and how to amplify the life force (or prana) moving through these energy centers
  • Discover your energetic anatomy and its essential role in sustaining your healing and spiritual growth
  • Reveal the path to your soul’s wisdom and learn how to fulfill your unique purpose
  • Receive guided healings and energy-healing tools that will benefit yourself and others
  • Learn to embrace your emotions as energy and learn to heal yourself, your family, and your lineage 
  • Clear accumulated blocks and other self-limiting patterns held in your chakras
  • Communicate with spirit guides, angels, and other forms of Divine guidance

If you feel ready to take a deeper dive into your education and become certified as an intuitive energy healer..for yourself and/or others, this is your program!

The next step is to apply here for a one-on-one interview!

For those who apply before Dec 31st, you will receive 20% off your purchase!  Learn all about the IHTP and apply here! 

We also have Soul-Healing Retreats in 2023!

We have TWO international retreats happening in 2023 that are once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, and we want you to be one of the first to know about them. Spots are filling up quickly, and inner healing and awakening are awaiting those who join.

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Join us in beautiful Nosara, Costa Rica at Bodhi Tree Resort for our Nourish Your Soul with Sun, Sea, and Song for Empaths, Sensitives, and Intuitives 7-day retreat from July 8-15, 2023, with Wendy! Learn more about this prana-filled retreat

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A sacred journey awaits you with Wendy in Bali, Indonesia! Immerse in the Sacred 9-day retreat will be held June 10 – 17, 2023.  Receive Early-Bird Pricing until February 5th. Learn more and save your spot for this soulful retreat! Space is extremely limited for this retreat!

This could all be in your year ahead! 

Stay Tuned to our Events Page for new and upcoming events!

Your time is here to heal, align, and strengthen your inner self so you can live out your purpose in the world. With the 2023 SIS Membership, IHTP, International Retreats, and Special Workshops available to you, you can amplify your innate intuitive gifts and activate your divine calling in the world for good.

We look forward to supporting you in your inner healing this year.