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What to Do When You Regress After an Energy Healing

Energy healing provides you with a way to get underneath the layers of physical, emotional, and energetic symptoms. Upon receiving healing, you may see immediate benefits, but what if those benefits fade and you feel yourself regress back to an old way or old symptoms?  Sometimes the healing process does not always walk a straight line. 

A student recently asked a question I get asked all the time, “Why do I regress and start backtracking after a guided healing?” Anytime you are creating a new groove and shifting a pattern, it can take a while for the brain chemistry, nervous system, and energy to align with your new way of thinking. One session can be helpful, but if it has taken 20, 30, or 50 years for a pattern to form… most likely one healing session is not enough. Multiple sessions may be needed to clear the blocks. 

What Happens In the Body During A Healing Session?

In an intuitive healing session, energy is released in the energetic body. Then, there is a release in the cells of the body as the nervous system unwinds and the brain chemistry shifts according to the release of energy happening. If trauma is in the body, then the body can only process so much trauma at one time. Energy healing happens in the moment, and then in the following days, the healing continues through a release and unraveling of energy in the body. 

For example, when you start shifting your thoughts about a belief so you can shift patterns,  you are asking your body to shift from an imprinted core belief aligned to your whole nervous system and physiology to a new belief. Oftentimes, because you have lived so many years according to this belief, a change needs to be made in your external life to mirror the shift you are making internally. 

As you begin to live from a new state of consciousness in the body, you also have to take into consideration you still have a bonding experience in the world, which still supports the old belief you worked to clear.

On a physical level, on a nervous system level, and on a brain-chemistry level, you will need to start making choices to take personal responsibility for your new way of thinking. The people you attract and your environment need to reflect your new beliefs about yourself. Sometimes you may need to seek an accountability partner and make shifts in your diet, lifestyle habits, and surroundings to support the shift.

What Should I Do When I Regress After My Energy Healing Session?

If you fall back into old patterns or habits, it is okay. When this happens, I recommend going back and re-doing the meditation or relistening to a recording of your healing (if there is one), and reviewing information. You might need to do this several times for your conscious mind to catch up to the energy that has cleared or is still clearing. Sometimes, it can take up to seven times of listening to something for the body to really get there is a conscious shift happening. 

This process might be awkward and uncomfortable, but it is part of honoring and loving yourself. 

In the video below, I further discuss the energy healing process, including why sometimes people regress into old habits after receiving healing. If after watching the video, you feel the need to work with a healing professional to help you with this process, consider working with a healer from the School of Intuitive Studies. Each Healer has been trained by me extensively and carries their own natural healing gifts. Read more about the SIS Healers here.