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What the World Needs Now is LOVE as Your Purpose

What the world needs now, is love, sweet love…

I know it’s hard to stay there at times, I know it’s hard to flip into positive thinking, I know that it can feel “false” or “spiritually bypassing” to try and find love in a world where the political volcano feels like it’s going to explode any day now or there’s so much to stay present to.

Yet, I can assure you, acknowledging what is, while finding the deep seed of what you love, how you love and why you love is the key is your heart’s work that is needed on this earth right now.

Last week I was in Connecticut offering a guided healing (which was wonderful and exceeded every expectation that I had!), and I felt like all of a sudden I was in the conversation about finding life purpose. “Finding purpose” is not my favorite phrase to use because it is loaded with pressure and expectation that you are inadequate if you can’t feel or connect to a purpose.

What is purpose anyway? In my opinion, it is connecting to the essence of you and feeling the light of who you are. So much of what we have to manage in life doesn’t always give us time to focus on who we really are at the core essence. Yet, that’s exactly what we need to expand our consciousness.

The world needs people who are connected to Love as their purpose.

I created this video a while ago on Finding Purpose. Personally, I contract a bit, when I say that phrase “finding purpose”, I’ll be honest. It’s because I do believe there is a deeper experience around this subject. In this video, however, I want to explain that deeper experience through showing you how finding purpose is an inside job.

Watch here:

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Have a great week and I look forward to connecting with you soon.


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