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You may trip, fall and accidentally Spiritually Awaken a bit more this week

By Wendy De Rosa

A total lunar eclipse, visually, will look like a smoky red moon in the sky for those who get to see it. Yet, on the personal level, it has a great impact on our spiritual growth.

This month, we are being challenged with facing our own wounds and blocks that show up in regard to close relationships or how we relate to others. The planetary force invokes slowing down and reflecting, and this contrasts the energy of the lunar eclipse, which is calling for us to move forward in transforming our past issues. The result could be a bit of messiness and shock.

If this rings true for you, ask yourself:

• Are old patterns resurfacing for me to look at?

• What am I not seeing that I need to see in myself?

• Is there a deeper need in me that is not getting met and am I projecting that on others?

• What is my role in my relationships with others? Does it serve me or them?

• Is my energy field clogged or toxic? Would it serve me to clear my energy?

• Do I need to stop, reflect and re-assess how I’m living life?

Every time, we are faced with challenges, we have 2 choices: To be powerless and let the ego pain overrun our spirit, or to be powerful, by tapping into your soul’s strength and callings.

Powerlessness at this time could look like losing balance, getting swept away in the confusion, frustration, ignoring your personal needs, running other people’s trauma through your own system, and making yourself wrong. Powerfulness, on the other hand, can look like the image of the phoenix rising from the ashes. It can represent, owning your emotions, using your anger to set boundaries, or claim your center back in a responsible way. It can also represent being honest and direct with your communication, being clear with others and the universe on what you want, without expecting that everyone (including the universe) will read your mind and comply.

This is a potent time to get clear on your boundaries, how to be vulnerable with others, what your truth is, how to move the mountains you want to move, and to stop letting the stories of the past limit how far you can go in yourself.

Are you board of the same self- defeating stories you keep telling yourself?

If so,

• Create a daily prayer you could say to reprogram your thoughts.

• Create a Give it to God box. Cut a hole in a box and write down your negative thoughts on pieces of paper every time you think the thought and give it to God for healing.

• Create an image of your young self and send him/her love, encouragement, safety and tell her/him the story is changing. You are changing.

• Surround yourself with healing vibrations…music, chants, scents, nature

• Become the phoenix rising through the ash. Center yourself, harness the most powerful, gifted aspects of who you are and stand in them, amidst all that is happening in your life….and breathe.

• Remind yourself that you are courageous and strong. Going through life changes build courage and spiritual stamina. You have the wisdom and resources to move through difficulty.

These are some ways to stay connected to yourself through a powerfully dynamic and transformational time.

If you stumble, fall, get the rug pulled out, or have major challenges this week and month, know that you will grow through this time. Growth happens through waking up to what needs to be seen and felt. All beings become stronger through transforming from powerless to powerful.

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