February 10, 11 and 12

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We all have a dependent relationship with our bodies. After all, it is our only vessel to experience life as we know it - we need it to survive. 

However, many people often neglect the needs of the one thing they need. So I’m here to ask you: Do you support your body the way it supports you? 

If your answer was no, it’s quite understandable. Denying our body was once essential for survival.  During the times that we needed to survive, we had to deny our own needs and prioritize the ones of others. Like many, if you have been influenced by society’s idea of acceptable body shapes and sizes, you probably have ignored some of your body’s true needs.

Unfortunately, disconnecting from our body, our inner wisdom, and deeper truth was once safe and common, but for most, it has led to a life of aches, pains, weight and health issues, lack of self-trust, and more.Unfortunately, disconnecting from our body, our inner wisdom, and deeper truth was once safe and common, but for most, it has led to a life of aches, pains, weight and health issues, lack of self-trust, and more. 

If you have ever struggled with self-worth, your relationship with food, negative body image, confidence, unhealthy relationships, loss of personal power, eating disorders, addictions, and more, you are not alone.  This is actually a result of generational denial of our body’s needs and societal disconnection from our body, and it might be exactly what is causing your pain, ailments, and overall discontent today.

The journey back home to our body unravels past conditioning about what is acceptable by others and rebuilds conditioning about what you accept about yourself - and not just what you accept, but what you love, nurture, satiate and enjoy. 

Ilene Leshinsky, Psychotherapist and Body Image Specialist

Meet Ilene Leshinsky, she is an intuitive energy healer, psychotherapist, empath, author, and body image specialist who helps people transform their relationship with their body to find inner freedom and access body wisdom. 

She is here to help you take your body back by offering you a 3-day guided online retreat.

This retreat will awaken your body’s innate wisdom to help you understand the way your body speaks to you and show you how to give it exactly what it needs. In doing so, your body will guide you to ultimate health and well-being while simultaneously leading you toward your intuitive gifts – which have been waiting for you to discover them.

Accessing your body’s wisdom comes from forming a new relationship with it. We have to learn how to reconnect, value, and repattern our relationship with our bodies to set us free from suffering. 

It’s time for your mind to step aside and let your “gut feelings” begin to speak!

This is what Ilene is here to help you do. In the “Your Body Is Your Master Teacher: How to Access Your Body’s Wisdom For Optimal Health and Happiness” online retreat, she will walk you through 4 modules to help you discover the healing power you have within. 

Within these 4 modules, you will receive:

  • A safe place for your stories to unfold
  • Discussion of the challenges to practicing body-based wisdom vs. mind-based wisdom and why
  • Body Wisdom 101 & 102- Learning how your body speaks to you and how to follow its messages
  • Exploring how your inner child and your intuition live in your body
  • Guided meditations, worksheets, stories, strategies, and tools to enhance your coming home to your body

The retreat will be held over a span of 3 days: February 10, 11, and 12, 2023, and each module will include an assignment, body wisdom lesson, discussion, journaling, and a Q & A. *You will receive the assignments before the first module, and they will be uploaded to the community forum for discussion.

The 4 Modules we will dive into together are as follows:

Module 1: Setting Our Container

Working with the body is certainly rewarding; however, it can make us feel uncomfortable and vulnerable at times. That’s why in this module, we will create a safe place for your stories and inner work to unfold. This is a “no judgment” zone where we treat ourselves and others with loving attention and respect. 

We will also explore the challenges of practicing body-based wisdom versus mind-based wisdom and explain Western culture’s emphasis on the mind. This, for many, has become part of our cultural and ancestral story. 

There will also be a guided meditation, journal exercise, open discussion, and  “homework” assignment. 

Module 2: Listen to Your Body Talk

Your body has a specific way of speaking and communicating with you, and each person’s “body speak” or “body talk” is unique to them.  In this module, we will explore Body Wisdom 101, which describes how our body is wired to help us survive and thrive. You will explore the ways you live in alignment with your body and in what ways you don’t, and we will look at the various ways your body tries to get your attention.  In Body Wisdom 102, we will look at how intuition lives in the body and how we often allow our mind (our ego) to override our innate “knowing”.  In this module, there will also be a guided meditation, a Q & A, and a homework assignment. 

Module 3: Your Inner Child Lives in Your Body

We all have child-like parts of ourselves that dwell in our bodies – the little one who grew up and marinated in our family of origin, our preadolescent who learned about emotions, creativity, sexuality, and intuition, our adolescent self who did the challenging dance of separating from parents while trying to stay connected, and our young adult self who ventured forth into the world. In this module, you will explore the messages your inner children are sending you. You will learn where this innate guidance is located in your body and how to access, befriend, and love it. The important information covered in this module will guide you on your path to health, happiness, and peace.  There will also be a guided meditation, a Q & A, and a homework assignment.

Module 4: Beyond Your New Year’s Resolutions - What’s Next for You?

As we enter 2023, we can rethink our New Year’s Resolutions.
Instead of: “I’ll go on a diet because I need to lose weight,” let the message be: – “I am here to listen to your guidance, dear body, to honor you, and to take care of you in all ways”. In this module, you will compose a letter to your body specifying your new commitment to a more reciprocal and loving relationship. You will have an opportunity to share your messages, honor your body, and inspire each other. 

We will end our retreat with a closing prayer and I will share with you a few options to work with me in the future. 

Retreat Schedule:

Feb 10: Afternoon Session 12:00-2:30 PT/3:00-5:30 pm ET

Feb 11: Morning Session: 9:00-11:30 PT/12:00-2:30 pm ET

Break: 11:30-12:30 PT/2:30-3:30 pm ET

Feb 11: Afternoon: 12:30-3:00 PT/3:30 -6:00 pm ET

Feb 12: Morning: 9:00-11:30 PT/12:00-2:30 pm ET

So if you are asking yourself: What do you mean by connecting to my body? What will I experience if my body is my master teacher?

Let Ilene tell you..

Our culture teaches us to listen to the messages from our minds and to neglect the ones from our bodies. What I mean by connecting to your body is recognizing that your body speaks to you. It has an intelligent language, and when it does speak, it’s your job to listen and respond accordingly so that you can give it what it needs - this is how you initiate self-trust.


If your body becomes your master teacher, you will access your earliest source of wisdom, which is your body. By using your body’s messages in conjunction with those from the mind, everything in your life will improve - including your health, energy levels, relationships (with others and yourself), work/life balance, rest, playfulness, intuitive awareness, and the pursuit of your passion and purpose.

Also, when you register, you will receive these Special Bonuses!

Bonus #1: Ilene Leshinsky's Self-Discovery Workbook

In this self-paced workbook, you will learn more about your relationship with your body, food, and eating. You will not only gain more awareness of these relationships, but the book will also give you some good food for thought! 

Bonus #2: Chapter 3 from "Reflections of a Fat Girl”

You get an inside peek into Ilene’s book Reflections of a Fat Girl: Wisdom Lost and Found from Growing Up Overweight. Here you will read about Ilene’s journey and find helpful insight into the wisdom housed in our precious bodies and how to follow it.

Bonus #3: Boost Your Body Image Handbook

In  “Boost Your Body Image”, Ilene’s handbook, she provides you with education about positive and negative body images, the effects of both on mental health, the best way to eat for a positive body image, exercises to boost your body image, and much more to help those you have struggled with poor body image in the past.

How does it feel knowing this shift is possible for you?

Are you ready to explore the deeper layers of your body’s wisdom?

Your investment:

before February 4

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after February 4

You can cancel at any time

Your Satisfaction Is 100% Guaranteed!

This program comes with our no questions asked, money back guarantee for a full 7 days from the date of purchase. If you don't feel the program meets your expectations, we will refund 100% of your investment.

Join Ilene, our supportive SIS Team, and a loving community to help you rewrite your future and welcome health and happiness. All that you need to heal already exists within you. This healing power is waiting to be recognized. 

We are so excited to watch you heal from the inside out. 

Read what clients say about Ilene’s work!

“Ilene creates an environment where you feel comfortable sharing and working through your struggles while facilitating a process that holds you accountable.”

~ A Pilot Program Group Member

“I will be forever grateful to Ilene for helping me discover the secret to my overeating and little did I know it wasn’t even really about the food.

~ Diane R   

Ilene with the use of her program taught me to actually look at myself and be happy with who I am even if I am not exactly where I want to be weight-wise… Ilene is such a great teacher and support. Ilene will help you.

~ Marianne   

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