SIS Membership Workshop

With Ilene Leshinsky

Your Body Talks: Your Inner Guide to Happiness, Health, and Your Intuition

Date: Jan 21, 2023 @ 9am PT

How does your body speak to you?  

What signals does your body give you to try and get your attention?  

Why is it that it’s so easy to ignore your body’s signals and just “live with the aches, the pain, the weight, the health issues”?

Have you spent much of your life ignoring or denying your body, resulting in ill health, lack of energy, sleep deprivation, weight fluctuations, bad body image, or poor decision making?   I get it.  I’ve been there and I want to help you come home to your body.  Your body is your master teacher and has wisdom that can give you incredible answers to your health, wellness, and happiness. 

 And… Your body offers you the doorway to accessing your intuitive gifts. 

In this workshop, you will experience: 

  • An exploration of your body’s story and why our stories are important to unpack
  • The master teachings of the body and why it has been so challenging to identify and honor them
  • How listening to the body opens the door to intuition
  • A guided journey through your body (part of the experiential practice)
  • Connecting to your body’s messages through letter writing (part of the experiential practice)

   You will have a chance to ask Ilene Questions Live!

Ilene Leshinsky is an author, empath, psychotherapist, intuitive energy healer and will be taking you on a journey to learn your body’s language, the way it speaks specifically to you, and to translate its messages. In doing so, your body will guide you to health and well-being. And your body will lead you to your intuitive gifts, which have been waiting for you to discover them.

Join us for a soul-enriching workshop!

Your Body Talks:
Your Inner Guide to Happiness, Health, and Your Intuition

A 90-minute Live Online workshop
Jan 21, 2022 @ 9am PT -10:30am PT

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