Yvette Herbert

From childhood, I felt drawn to Spirit, Nature, and the Arts. Even at a young age, I could feel and see things that most people couldn’t relate to. I am an Empath and strongly sense the world and people around me. I have cultivated these sensitivities to assist me in my own healing journey as well as others. My Life’s Desires are to help guide and bring awareness to anyone who wishes to reconnect and heal what holds them back from being their True and Best Self.

Each person’s healing journey is unique. It is my intention to incorporate guided meditations with vocal sound healing and movement. Vocal Sound Healing locates energetic blocks and dissonance in the body.

In sessions, we will use guided meditations to reprogram and balance vibration into the energetic anatomy. A session may also include physical light movements and vocal intonation to release tightness and knotted energy thru the body. By doing this, it allows energy to start flowing and helps the body release stuck and stagnant energy organically and immediately.

By clearing out Energy that no longer supports and serves you, it opens you up to allow more light in, leading you to discover and develop more aspects of the soul within yourself.

By working to heal yourself, you in turn help heal your family, your community, and your world. Investing in your healing, light, power, voice, truth, and peace is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. You deserve the best version of you. I am honored to work with you and be a guide and witness on your path of self-realization. 

Wishing you love and light. 

Namaste Blessed One

An hour session with
Yvette is $120

You can also purchase a package of (3) 1-hour sessions for $320